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Dear Desiree,

Julian brought me a surprise home. He got me new kabuki brushes and eyeshadow pallets. I’m super excited.

Anonymous said: That didn't scan, I guess it's free!



My hair is starting to grow back from when it fell out after I had the baby, but it’s growing in godawful patches. I think I’m going to start changing up my washing routine and wash my hair every other day like I did while I was pregnant. I’m also going to heat style it less often. I want my hair to be long and beautiful again.


when a manager kicks out a problem customer


love15423 said: Hey I saw your post partum pictures on the mumblr tag and I'm just wondering what brands of stretch mark creams/oils you use? I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and of course stretch marks are a huge worry. Thanks! :)

I would use Palmer’s cocoa butter and Bio Oil while I was pregnant and I didn’t get the stretchmarks on my sides (which is what is visible in the picture) up until I was in labor. (The IV made me swell up like a whale for over a week.)

After having the baby, I kinda just stuck to Bio Oil and then started using coconut oil and I’ve been stuck. I also use Vitamin E oil for my c-section scar and it’s looking pretty good.


A miracle has happened at work today.

Something wasn’t scanning.

And the customer just waited until it scanned.

And then they paid and left.

They didn’t say it.

Words with friends.

Words with friends.

I have to get up to get ready for work in a few hours and I am not mentally prepared for it whatsoever.

Anonymous said: I need a self esteem boost please! My bf hurts me with words and physically sometimes. Both tonight. I feel drained, useless, ugly, and so much more. He only does it when he's really upset. Other than that we are great. But I feel like I have to walk on eggshells to avoid any arguments getting to a certain point. I just needed to confide jn son dog anonymously.

I’m sorry you have to deal with this. Honey, you don’t deserve to be treated like that.